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Premier institute of Classical Arts in Kerala teaching for the last 30 years.

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Recognized by the Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy


hilanka Dance and Music Academy is situated on the banks of river Pamba, on the lap of the Lord Krishna, the holy and the ancient Thiruvaranmula Pardhasarathi temple. Famous as one of the temples where the Pancha Pandavas is believed to have installed the idol, thousands of years back.

On 6th December 1986, Smt. J. Lalithabika. I.A.S, the then Hon. Social Welfare Secretary of Kerala, inaugurated Chilanka by lighting the holy lamp. The institution was founded by Smt. Kalamandalam Sreedevi Mohanan, who was the best student of Kerala Kalamandalam (1982-83), after having inspired by famous social worker, late Dr. Thomas Philip. Moreover, it is true that the eminent guidance of veteran Kathakali performer Sri.FACT Mohanan, is the legend of our successes! Now a days, this academy is directed by this dedicated galoreas and nonpareil grand artist family.

Chilanka conducting study classes, perfomances and demonstrations for South Indian classical dances, especially Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyatam and Kathakali, Carnatic vocal and Instrumetal Music (Violin, Mridagam, Keyboard) and martial art Kalarippayattu etc…

Chilanka and its students have performed on invited public stages all over India and abroad. Our students are getting special admiration for their performances, from the public especially Doordarshan and other Satellite TV channels. It shows the meaningful efforts and devotion of our genius teachers, staffs and beloved students and their parents.

Our Courses

  • Kathakali
  • Classical Dance – Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam, Kuchippudi
  • Vocal – Carnatic Music
  • Instrumental Music – Violin, Mrudangam, Keyboard, Guitar, Thabala, Jaz Drums, Chenda
  • Classical Martial Arts – Kalarippayattu

Chilanka has composed several unique symphonies , dance , music items and performed them on many stages. Some of them have placed its mark on the Guinness book records! We are standing for the development of our classical, traditional arts forms and its values. There is no money and other means making bars to the deserved students to learn an art form, here. Chilanka provides all supports to the right and brilliant students too. Some students are getting scholarships from different Government cultural centers. Students has participate in dance and music camps to earn Awards from School to Global lavel contests. And this institution provides opportunity to study and perform all art forms for parents too.

Chilanka instigate to the special choreographies based on different famous poet’s lyrics like Sreesankaram, Sreekrishnamrutham, Ramayanam, Nirvedam (based school syllabus), Bengal storys (for children), Sishyanum makanum, Ashtalekshmi (lighting only with the traditional lamps), Navaragamalika, Keraleeyam, Leelamadhavam, Leela Muraleekrishnam, Samanvayam and Manjutharam (Geetha-Vadya-Nrutha Sangamam),‘Peeyush’ with Hindusthani instrumental Music support, in Mohiniyattam “Meenakshikalyanam” and Bible story “Semeriangana” for the first time..

premier academy of Kathakali, indian classical dance & music

managed by the family of artistes.

Aranmula (Main Centre)

Chengannur (Branch)

Pathanamthitta (Branch)

Ilanthoor (Branch)

Aiyiroor (Branch)


Our team’s strength is the family of artists engaged in learning and teaching of Indian classical arts.

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